Monday, 22 November 2010

More Christmas Cards

I thought I would share a few more of the Christmas cards I made this week with you tonight. I used up a lot of the die cuts and bits n bobs I've had lying around for a year making these so I'm really pleased. I think they're really cute cards too. Not my usual style, a bit of a trip back in time really but I had such a lovely time making them and it was so rewarding getting so many done in such a short time.

Thanks for looking x 


Eileen said...

These cards are great ..and I know what you mean about how satisfying quick and easy cards can feel as you make them !'s the 'I am a good girl...using up all this stash I have had for years' kicking in ...I do it too! x

Beth said...

That's it exactly Eileen!! Won't feel so guilty if I choose some new stash for Christmas now hehe xx

♪♫♥ Charity Crafter ♪♫♥ said...

Hi Beth x lovely cards x thank you for your lovely top tip left on TOP TIP TUESDAY x Leigh x