Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Shake, Shake, Shake

I've had a lovely couple of days. We've been very cold here so I've been allowed to bring some of my crafting downstairs, which means I get to craft away to my hearts content sat on a nice cosy sofa and enjoy my fiance's company.
I haven't made many cards recently, just the odd one here and there for challenges but I've made 12 in the last two days so I'm very happy.
Last year I bought a copy of Crafts Beautiful with a Christmas die cut pack freebie. I never really got round to using them, preferring to use stamped images on my cards. Infact, its been a long time since I really made much without using my stamps, I just love them so much; but I dug out the freebie die cuts yesterday and thought I would try to use them and a few packets of Christmas embellishments I have lying around (mostly unopened).
I'd forgotten how nice some of the more simple cards can be and how enjoyable they are to make. It's been a strangely freeing exercise and I really have enjoyed myself and it feels so good knowing I'm using up some of my stash. Now I won't feel so guilty next time I hit the craft shops!!
Anyway, I won't bore you with all 12 cards tonight, I'll just share my first ever batch of Shaker cards.

I'm really pleased with these and so happy that I've used up some bits I had been hoarding for a while. 
Thanks for looking x 

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