Wednesday, 20 October 2010

One Piece Box Tutorial

Hi all,
I sold two bracelets over the weekend and promised the lady who bought them that I would make her a couple of quick gift boxes as she'll be giving them as Christmas presents. I love these boxes, they're so useful and really easy to make with no separate top to make.
I thought I would take the opportunity to make a quick tutorial as I went along to share with you.

As you can see, I made my box 7cm square and 1.5cm deep. Its very easy to alter the measurements though.
Firstly, you need to cut your card to measure, then score at the relevant points, marked on the above picture with a dotted line.
You should then have something looking like this -

The next step is to cut out the corners to make your flaps. Don't forget, on the centre cuts, you also cut up the side of the remaining flap but leave the bit attached to the central card, like this -

Then it is simply a matter of folding your box and glueing the flaps in place. A strong glue or double sided tape should hold them in place. On this box I have used some eyelets, not something I would usually do but the box needs to hold together in the post and then as a gift from someone else so I wanted to be extra sure it would hold. As you can see, I also made a smaller box (5cm x 5cm x 1cm), which I have glued.
The top and bottom of the box are, of course, cut the same size but you shouldn't have a problem with the top fitting over the bottom.

It looks a bit rough here but I'll fill the inside with some iridescent shredded plastic and the imperfections will be hidden from view.
Then its just a matter of decorating your box to taste. Here are my boxes decorated -

Thanks for looking. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial and can put it to good use making lots of lovely boxes. I'd love to see what you make so don't forget to leave me a link to your blogs.

Beth x

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