Friday, 26 August 2011

September Jewellery Kit

Here, for those of you who wanted to see it, is an example of the September Jewellery Kit.
Before we get to the picture, just a couple of notes -

These kits cost £11, including p&p.
The charms and some of the colours may vary from pack to pack but this picture will give a reasonable idea of what you will receive.
The headpins and eyepins you receive will be silver coloured, rather than the darker nickel colour shown.
Packs will also include a string of clear 6mm glass beads, not pictured.

So, on to the picture ....

If you'd like to order, contact me via Facebook - Beth Creation.

Payments will be accepted, via PayPal, anytime between now and September 4th and kits will all be sent out on 5th September. 


1 comment:

shogriff said...

This kit was fantastic value for money well worth £11 you get loads of beads and findings i would recommend you try them :0)